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Breaking Bad in the House!

A big thank you to RJ Mitte of the hit TV series "Breaking Bad" for supporting my gym in LA (Mansion Fitness) at our annual client appreciation and gifting event.

There's a new workout in town....And it's not Crossfit!

I’ve always been a huge supporter of Calisthenics. In fact, the majority of my workouts incorporate it. My philosophy is, if you can’t move your own body weight around efficiently, why in the heck are you adding weight to the picture via machines etc?
Los Angeles, I love you! Just when I think I’ve learned it all and seen it all, you slap me silly and teach me something new. You continue to pioneer the very latest fitness strategies and I’m so proud to be a part of that!


Training The New Bachelorette Andi Dorfman At Mansion

I've been blessed to work with most of the cast of the last 3 seasons of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. Here's a quick pic of Andi and I getting ready to start and amazing workout sequence. #showprep

My First Patent!

After 2 years of waiting, Google Patents finally knows my name! This device is going to revolutionize the pullup and the way biceps are worked. Expect to see this brand new technology all over the Crossfit and gymnastics scene. Fingers crossed for the final stages!

Tinashe Popping in Mansion Fitness to show us some love

If you haven't heard of Tinashe, check your local radio station's top 10. This hot new female R&B artist is blowing up....and I'll be there to make sure she looks great every second of the way. Thanks for the love Tinashe. Check out her newest hit feat Schoolboy Q.

Shah's of Sunset choose Mansion Fitness

Check out the Shah's of Sunset training with legendary trainer Max Phoenix at my gym Mansion Fitness in LA. Season 3, Episode 14 "Is This 40?!"

USweekly features me as celebrity trainer to Desiree Hartsock

USweekly spills celebrity Desiree Hartsock's secret fitness strategy...Hour long sessions with Mansion Fitness owner Derrick Inglut

Toning up Basketball Wives Cast at Mansion

Training the cast of Basketball Wives (Atlanta) here at Mansion Fitness. Check it our on VH1 or youtube!

Thanks Cam!

Personal trainers are just like plastic surgeons, really good ones can be hard to find. Unless you like to roll the dice, why risk your time and money just to save a few dollars on a cheap one? Ultimately, you may just lose your whole investment.

ABC 20/20 Filming At Mansion Fitness

ABC 20/20 was in the house today filming a documentary of one of our big name clients. It's always fun and upbeat here at Mansion!
Personal Training at Mansion Fitness

Lisa Vanderpump from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Showing us some love

I'd like to thank Lisa Vanderpump for supporting my business partner and I at Mansion Fitness. She's amazing---but I'm sure you already knew that!  She's works hard and it shows. See you at the gym!

Big Hugs,

I Love This!

I ran across this in the comic section years ago and thought I'd share! What do you think? True? False?

Excess Belly Fat Linked to Bone Loss

We all have something to learn in this industry - including myself. This new study fascinated me and I thought it would be worth investigating! Click picture to expand. 

Pro Biceps Training

Developing a big meaty bicep is going to require more than just curls and pull ups. This article discusses techniques used by the pros for the best bicep development your genetics are capable of. Click picture to expand. 

Strength Plateau? Not For Long!

I wrote this article to shine some light on an amazing technique I rarely see used in the gym. It will help break any plateau in strength. Read on and grow! Click article to expand. 


Alcohol and Your Diet

I've always liked to talk about relevant topics in peoples lives; even more so topics that most trainers are scared to cover. This article will help you make informed choices next time your out with your friends. Click Picture to expand


Fiber - A powerful weight loss Supplement

Most people think of fiber as just a simple product to keep you regular. While this may be true, what most people overlook are its abilities to absorb fat. Literally! Click the article to expand

Even "Good" Fat Can Get You Fat

Sorry for the delay in getting this article out. The Southwester has recently changed ownership so thanks for being patient. Many people assume "good" (unsaturated) fats are harmless for the waistline. This is not true. Check out this article for details.


Derrick Doesn't Sell Out!

When you're at the top of your class, you often get requests from companies eager to have you endorse their product(s). Each year, I get a few emails like the following:

"Hi, I work for Herbalife. As a Personal Trainer, you can easily earn thousands of dollars extra each month by incorporating Herbalife products into your clients current fitness program. As a trainer you are already recommending vitamins and supplements, why not get paid for the information you give?

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Herbalifes products are rigorously tested and proven to give fast and effective results. 

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Herbalife Distributor for your clients, contact me by email or phone."

Friends, fans and clients - you have my word that I will never endorse anything I don't believe in. There are far too many shady companies out there misleading truly motivated people. However, if I do find something that works, you will hear about it on my website.

What Is The "Fat Burning Zone"?

Maximize your fat loss with this proven strategy. Click picture to expand.

Little Being Done To Curtail Steroid Abuse

Just when you thought the government had this huge problem under control - think again.  Be sure to check out this link as well. "All 20 Belgian bodybuilding competitors flee after doping officials make a surprise visit"

Youth Clinics. What are they really selling?

Hormone replacement therapy is the latest craze in maintaining a youthful appearance - If you have a spare $20,000 a year that is. Fortunately, there are natural ways to boost these age defying hormones. Read on and join the revolution.

Eat cookies lose weight? Hmmm...

I just saw this add in the paper and giggled to myself that I just have to try this! - No no just kidding but nice marketing technique. Eat only (6) cookies a day at 105 calories each plus a healthy dinner. At 600+ calories a day plus a 300 calorie "healthy" dinner, who wouldn't lose weight? The real problem is, knowing how much I love sweets, I'd probably eat the whole box! =-] Derrick

Theobromine - The addictive substance in Chocolate

As some of you may already know, I write a monthly fitness column in The Southwester, a free newspaper distributed throughout Washington DC. If you haven't had a chance to pick up a copy, here's the latest article. Click on the picture to expand it.

Bad Posture? Try this

Here is my June Column for those of you who haven't had a chance to pick up a copy. Click on the image to expand it.

Losing the Summer Pounds - August Issue

Here's a post of my August column. Click on the picture to expand it.

Hot Sauce As A Weight Loss Strategy

As most of you already know, I wright a monthly fitness column in the Southwester, a free newspaper distributed throughout DC. Here is the latest issue.

Fat Free Cooking with Pam Cooking Spray? Yeah Right

In the world of big business, we the consumer are the ones who get duped. Time after time, so many fall for ingenious marketing. Pam cooking spray is FAR from calorie free and so are artificial sweeteners. Click on the picture to expand it. The world needs to know just what kind of fool they've been taken for.

How many calories are in your favorite pie?

This article got to the press a bit late, but hey, Xmas is a time for pie too! If you love pie as much as me, educate yourself with these facts before you indulge. Nothing like a healthy guilt trip to keep holiday eating under control.

STOP! Exercises that actually bulk your waist!

Few people realize that the very exercise they might be doing to trim their waist down can actually bulk it up. Here's a list of exercises to minimize or avoid all together. Click on the picture to expand.

Why does body weight fluctuate so much from one day to the next?

This is a great new article I just wrote. Why does your weight fluctuate so much from day to day? (click on pic to expand)

Drop 45Lbs in 2 months with HCG Hormone?

There's a lot of talk going on in the fitness community about this revolutionary - or should I say "questionable" hormone. But does it really work? Take a look.

Forcing Fat Off The Body

This is a great article I wrote on how to lose the last few percent when traditional diet and exercise just won't cut it. Click to expand article.

Best Protein For Building Muscle?

Hello fellow fitness enthusiasts! This is a great read right here. Here I explore a more in depth view of just what an Amino Acid is and how they can help maximize your genetic potential. CLICK pic to expand.

Sugar Your Enemy? Not necessarily

Everyone is so quick to jump on the "Don't eat sugar or white products because they are bad" wagon. Most people accept this for fact and never question the reasoning behind it. Here at Derrickinglut.com, I dig deeper for reasoning and formulate my own opinions. Sugars can be bad but they can be your friend too, it just depends what your fitness goals are. Click to expand. 

Swimming - No Longer Recommended for Weight Loss

Oh no! New studies show swimming for fat loss is not as effective as once thought. Click to expand article.

How To Choose A Good Trainer

New Years is coming and I was wondering since you aren't on the West Coast and I can't hire you, could you recommend any trainers here in L.A? 
Choosing the right trainer can be a daunting task and is critical to your success. I did an interview with the Washington Post last year on the tell tail signs of a great trainer and a bad trainer. Definitely check this out. 

Breaking News! - FDA Bans Hydroxycut

Like anything that actually works, it will either be made a prescription or banned all together. Everything else will be sold over the counter at your local GNC. My guess is that some teenager with the thought of "more must be better" is probably to blame for this unfortunate event. 

But lets think about this. It's well known that alcohol can cause far more liver damage and is responsible for hundreds of deaths *EACH YEAR* from liver failure - but do we ban that? No - It's politics that is taking this great supplement off the market. After 10 years of using it, I personally have never had any problems with the supplement - but anything in excess can certainly be a bad thing.

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